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Learn Kubernetes for free – Create fast SSL secured WordPress website

All you really need is Linux environment and some basic Linux knowledge. You can learn everything else along the way. Each tutorial has Useful links tab that contains the list of helpful resources.

What will you gain ?

Man in a suit with a red tie with gear in place of the headSkills you will learn here will let you deploy in the cloud any web application created in technology of your preference. Maybe you already have a killer app idea or a great domain. It makes sense to start with the infrastructure and development workflow first. You can easily switch WordPress and MySQL for whichever stack you prefer.

After you finish this tutorial you will have a nice base for any SSL/TLS secured web application or even a bunch of them. You will  also have a git based workflow to comfortably develop your app. If you prefer other cloud platforms than Google Cloud Platform then there is no problem. Kubernetes also runs on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix and many more.

This tutorial series will teach you by example. Kubernetes is one of the technologies that you just need to start using to learn it. Kubernetes however, is not the only thing you are going to gain knowledge of.

It’s all free! No need to spend a penny on it

Piggy bank with dollar coins

This is the best thing about it. You don’t need to spend a dime because you get:

  • Infrastructure courtesy of Google Cloud Platform’s free trial $300 gift
  • Free remote GIT repository, Issue tracker, Container registry, Wiki and more courtesy of GitLab
  • Free SSL/TLS certificate courtesy of Let’s Encrypt. Furthermore this certificate is managed automatically
  • Free HTTP proxy and DDoS protection courtesy of Cloudflare


Why should you do it ?

Setting up a website from start to the very end with your own domain and infrastructure teaches you a lot about a wide scope of technologies. Setting it up in a container-centric way in your own cluster running on Google Cloud Platform .. that is something to brag about. Furthermore it gives you a new perspective on software development and possibilities that the cloud brings to the table.

Aren’t you frustrated that the whole world of new, fun and exciting things is just passing you by ? 

At work you’re stuck managing some support issue again. You haven’t coded anything interesting, just for yourself, just to have some fun in months. Years perhaps ? There was a time when you used to know the name of every soft or library on the market. Now you just smile and nod your head when you hear or read the words like: cloud, containers, docker or Kubernetes ?

Confused face with logos of Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Cloudflare

Confused with all the new fancy names ?

This is your chance. Do something about it !

In conclusion I will repeat the most noteworthy fact: Google gives you 300 US dollars ! Hence you’re basically loosing money by not starting this tutorial 🙂

Code for this tutorial series is available on my GitHub.
Thanks for reading ! Please
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