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Visualize air pollution data using Google’s BigQuery and Data Studio


Google Cloud Platform provides it’s users with more and more powerful features and services. Almost all of those services offer some free tier quota and are easily scalable. Furthermore the infrastructure used to run the services becomes transparent to the client. Developers can stop worrying about clusters, nodes or containers and focus on what is really important – writing code.

If you take into account the complexity of Big Data solutions used nowadays and the magnitude of data processed you’ll quickly realise that simplicity is a blessing.

What will you gain ?

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This tutorial series will get you familiar with two interesting Google Cloud products – BigQuery and Data Studio. Those two solutions integrate very well with one another. First of them is used for enterprise data warehouse and real-time analytics. Second one allows you to create beautiful interactive reports and dynamic dashboards.

In my opinion those products are extremely useful in any business. Combination of abovementioned solutions allows you to work at small scale and at petabyte scale as well. It does not matter if you wish to visualize your website’s traffic or if you want to analyze terrabytes of data. It is a great choice either way.

BigQuery uses SQL language so using it feels very familiar to all the good old RDBMS systems. Data Studio is so intuitive that anyone can start working with it right away.

It’s all free! No need to spend a penny on it

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Both BigQuery and Data Studio are free to use. BigQuery is free if you do not exceed free tier quota. Don’t be afraid of you account accidentally being charged. In Billing section you can set an alert with monthly limit on how much you want to spend on Google Cloud.

  • Serverless so no charges for infrastructure
  • Free 1TB of data processed per month in BigQuery
  • Free 10GB of data storage in BigQuery
  • Unlimited shareable, interactive reports and dashboards in Data Studio
Using BigQuery and Data Studio requires you to enable billing. If you still have some of that free $300 credit left you might not want to do that until you have used all your gift money

Data used

Ari pollution data will be sourced from OpenAQ data set. It contains air quality data from around the world.

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