Google Cloud Platform

Persistent Volume Claim

Persistent Volume Claim abstracts consumption of storage resource. Say we have two 10GB each created and available. is created with Persistent Volume Claim for 10GB storage. One of those two available 10GB Persistent Volumes will be consumed by the Claim and assigned to the Pod. Abbreviated alias: pvc Useful links […]

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Persistent Disk

Persistent disks are network storage devices that your instances can get access to. Under the hood the data is distributed across several physical disks. They can be created and managed using Google Cloud Platform Console or gcloud command-line tool. Useful links More info on GCE Persistent Disk –

Service Account

Service Accounts are used for authentication. They authenticate your applications to Google Cloud Platform APIs. Applications use this account to interact with various services. Abbreviated alias: sa Useful links More info on GCP Service Accounts –

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