Code runs the world

… wellllll if you think about it. It does. It really does run the world. From Global Positioning System and nuclear power plants down to your smartphone. Code is everywhere. It surrounds us and you my friend are one of the code creators. If humanity is a moving train then you are one of the people who make it go up the hill into the future. Programmers just like to solve problems and create intellectual property for someone else for stacks of money. We never stop to think how we are changing the world around us. Code took us to the Moon, went ahead of us to Mars and left our solar system carried by NASA’s Voyager 1.

This website has been created by a coder for other coders. I will try to consistently extend the base of tutorials and articles that are at your disposal. I’m giving you heads-up that from time to time I will try to sneak in some non-tech article on a topic that I have found interesting. Any feedback from You my dear reader is encouraged and welcome so comment, like and share as you see fit.

About Me

I AM..
Born in
I speak
Polish, English, German (basic), French (basic)
astrophysics, cooking, reading, gym, travel
BSc (Information Technology)
Business focus
Teamwork and team leadership
Strong work ethics
Staying calm during a crisis
Java, Spring Framework, PHP, BASH
HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, jQuery
Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Linux, Apache Spark, Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, REST, TDD, CI, Scrum, Agile
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Too Much Information

My favorite programming language is Java. In my opinion it makes no difference which languages, frameworks or technologies you know because in this business you might be working with something completely different next week. The pace that us – programmers have to keep up with, to stay on top of things is high so you have to adapt quickly. I believe that learning new technologies constantly and discovering how they work gives you a wide perspective and makes you a more flexible, better coder. I know it’s hard not to get stuck working in one technology … but is anything worth doing ever easy ?

Over the years I’ve worked on projects in various domains and in different countries. Nowadays I mostly do backend development in banking and finance industry because I find it the most challenging. Data processing is something I like and it’s becoming increasingly important. As you can imagine there is no shortage of data to process in those industries.

There is however, something about web development I simply adore. Process of creating a sexy UI relaxes me. Making apps look visually appealing and be functional at the same time is, for me, a form of an art. I am always trying to perfect my skills in this area.

Lately I have been a technical team leader and a mentor to a team of bright young coders. Together we’ve achieved more than I’ve ever expected and for that I am very thankful to them all. We’ve also had tons of fun just doing our work. As a result of this experience I’ve learnt that passing your knowledge and giving back can be very rewarding. That is why I’ve created this site. If even one person learns some new skill from my tutorials or smiles reading my articles then it was all worth it.



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